Cabin screen

Joint blind
Cross blind
Guiding rod blind
Roller blind
Film blind
Film blind w/ roller tube
Small cassette blind

Cross blind  

Blind - bus, train
Stock fabrics
All fabrics meet the directive 95/28/EC ANNEX 6 fire safety standards.
  • SilvergreySilvergrey
    Silvergrey screen
  • CharcoalCharcoal
    Charcoal screen
Silvergrey screen Charcoal screen
  • SilvergreySilvergrey
  • CharcoalCharcoal
Silvergrey Charcoal
  • Silvergrey mesh screenSilvergrey mesh screen
    Silvergrey mesh screen
Silvergrey mesh screeh  
Uses Bus, train etc. / driver's side window, windshield
Info The cross support is behind the screen, leaving no supporting structures visible in the upper position. With a combination of fabrics it is possible to include areas for better visibility or to block the sun light completely. Wider blinds are equipped with two cross supports for maximum stability.
Mechanism Friction mechanism
- Stepless height adjustment by pulling the bottom rail or an optional handle.
  • Normaali koteloNormal cassette
    Normal cassette
  • Small cassetteSmall cassette
    Small cassette
  Normal cassette Small cassette  


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