Solar shade film

Joint blind
Cross blind
Guiding rod blind
Roller blind
Film blind
Film blind w/ roller tube
Small cassette blind

Film blind with roller tube  

Shade - harvester, crane etc.
Stock fabrics
  • Gold film frontGolf film front
    Gold film (front)
  • Gold film backGold film back
    Gold film (back)
Gold film (front) Gold film (back)
  • Bronze film frontBronze film front
    Bronze film (front)
  • Bronze film backBronze film back
    Bronze film (back)
Bronze film (front) Bronze film (back)
Uses harvester, crane, ships' bridge, boat etc.
Info With the support of rolling tubes the blind can be mounted to follow curves or angles. This enables replacing two blinds (eg. windshield / ceiling) with one. Shading film blocks heat, reduces glare and filters UV radiation while retainig high visibility.
Mechanism Constant tension
- Height adjustment by pulling the cord going through the bottom rail.
  • Normal cassetteNormal cassette
    Normal cassette
  • Medium cassetteMedium cassette
    Medium cassette
  • Small cassetteSmall cassette
    Small cassette
  Normal cassette Medium cassette Small cassette  


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